Vertigo (1958)

""Every night and every morn, some to misery are born. Every morn and every night, some are born to sweet delight. Some are born to sweet delight; some are born to endless night."

Peter Pan (1953)

“Our very first meeting was in London, at a film party, and it was very formal,” she told an interviewer in the second year of her marriage.

“I was enchanted by meeting him, very interested to meet him. I’d loved his performance in Lili. The thing I remember most about that first meeting was that I thought he was so serious. He didn’t smile. I liked him… but that was all. He’d seen me in Gigi and we talked about doing a play together, the way actors and actresses do. And we said that if either of us found a play that would suit us, we’d send it to the other.”

“When my marriage broke up, it was terrible, more than that, it was a keen disappointment. I thought a marriage between two good, loving people had to last until one of them died. I can’t tell you how dis­illusioned I was. I’d tried and tried. I knew how difficult it had to be to be married to a world celebrity, recognised everywhere, second billed on the screen and in real life. How Mel suffered. But believe me, I put my career second.”

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Instead of getting into their limo, I said I’d follow in my own car. That would be better, because I’d be able to leave when i wanted to. “Okay see you!” Marilyn squealed, and the limo took off, leaving me behind to run as fast as I could to the parking lot.

They were not waiting for me, and the fact was that I didn’t know where Mullholland Drive Brando lived. By the time I reached my car, my energy was gone and i got upset with myself. I should have gotten into the limo, i was thinking.

- Photographer Lawrence Schiller on his missed opportunity of visiting Marlon Brando’s home with Wally Cox and Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe, 1962.

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James Dean, circa 1955.

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Elizabeth Taylor photographed by Mark Shaw, 1956

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